Personal Mailbox


inCitySpace is not a reseller. We own our Ballard location and service all our clients directly.

$39.95 per month. Month-to-month requires a minimum of six months auto-renewal subscription.

$379 per year, annual subscription.

Instant Set-up Today

Have your mail received and stored securely for pick-up or mail forwarded to you on-demand. No more packages left unsafely on your front door step.

No more Amazon packages and other expensive online deliveries left unsafely at your home doorstep.

Your new Seattle Mailing Address & Package Receiving service in Seattle, Washington, United States can be set-up today. Get a private mailbox today. All package types accepted.

Just use your online portal, or give us a call or email, and tell us which items you want, and we will mail them to you.

Mail Forwarding OR Pick-up Available

You can pick-up your mail on-site or we can forward it to you anywhere in the world via UPS, FedEx, DHL or USPS. You can sign-up for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly mail forwarding or have us forward mail to you on-demand when you want it.

Scan Mail to Email Virtual Mailbox

Mail Scan to Email

We can open and scan your mail to you via email on-demand. Multiple mail items bundled per scan up to 100 pages per scan. $12.50 scanning fee.

Save your time. Get your Mail by Email.

Serving Clients Worldwide

Have all your mail and packages delivered to our global Seattle mail center. We can forward your items to you no matter where you are worldwide. We can also open and scan your mail to your email on a daily basis.

Personal Mailbox Includes the Following:

  1. Includes up to TWO persons per account

  2. Unlimited Mail & Package Receiving

    • We don't charge for extra mail or by package size.

  3. No more online packages left on your doorstep

  4. All packages are received and stored safely for pickup or forwarding to you

  5. We forward mail and packages worldwide. Wherever you are, we can forward it to you.

  6. Mail Forwarding & Scan to Email (Additional Fees Apply)

  7. We can forward your mail to you wherever you are worldwide or scan your mail to you via email or your secure online portal.

  8. No storage fees

    • Don't worry about it. We hold your mail and packages until you are read to pick-up or have us forward them to you. We never charge to hold your mail and packages.

  9. No pickup fees

    • You can pick-up your mail and packages anytime. We don't charge any fees to pick-up your mail.

Instant Set-up Online - Use Immediately

Month-to-month* or Annual Plan Available

* Month-to-month has a minimum six month requirement.

Support - Contact Information

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Mon-Fri: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Wed: Closes at 4 p.m.

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