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Get a Virtual Office BUSINESS Address in Seattle. Use for business licensing, Secretary of State, banking, bills, IRS, your website, and more.

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InCitySpace Virtual Office Location 5608 17th Ave NW, Seattle, WA

5608 17th Avenue NW
Seattle, WA

At our 5608 17th Avenue NW Location You Have Annual or Monthly Plan Options

$379/year + Optional Mail Forwarding/Scanning

Includes registered agent service, and up to 8 hours of coworking and/or conference room use.

12-month agreement billed annually or 6 month agreement billed monthly + automatic mail forwarding billed monthly as needed. (see below)

Monthly Automatic Mail Forwarding or Scanning +$12.50/month

Bi-Weekly Automatic Mail Forwarding or Scanning +$25/month

Weekly Automatic Mail Forwarding or Scanning +$50/month

$39.95/month + Optional Mail Forwarding/Scanning

Our monthly plan requires a 6 month minimum term and is billed monthly. You can add automatic mail forwarding or scanning billed monthly or on demand for an additional fee.


800 Fifth Avenue
Seattle, WA

Mail Pick-Up Available at 5608 17th Avenue NW

Mail can be picked up, forwarded, or scanned as needed from our 5608 17th Avenue NW location.

$379/year + Mail Forwarding or Scanning

12-month agreement billed annually + required (for this address only) automatic mail forwarding billed monthly. (see below)

Monthly Automatic Mail Forwarding +$12.50/month

Bi-Weekly Automatic Mail Forwarding +$25/month

Weekly Automatic Mail Forwarding +$50/month

NO Onsite Pick-Up at 800 5th Avenue

We do not provide onsite mail pickup at this location. Mail is physically forwarded or scanned automatically weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and you need to sign up for one of the automatic forwarding or scanning plans.

Automatic Mail Forwarding or Scanning

Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly

Your mail can be automatically forwarded or scanned to you once per week (+ $50/mo), bi-weekly (+ $25/mo), or once per month (+ $12.50/mo). You can select your preferred mail forwarding/scanning plan upon registration. Mail forwarding and scanning fees are separate and billed monthly based on postage. Scanning has no additional cost for up to ten mail items per scan and $1 for each item over 10. The ideal solution for digital nomads. Centralize your mail receiving. Have your mail digitized and sent to you wherever you are.

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