Mail Forwarding and Postage Fees

All mail and packages are forwarded via U.S. First Class Mail unless USPS Priority Mail® service is requested, or unless we determine that USPS Priority Mail® service would be more cost effective or the same price. USPS Priority Mail® service includes tracking and delivery in 1-3 business days. We also forward mail via FedEx and UPS. It is usually best to have international mail forwarded via FedEx.


$12.50: includes postage for up to 10 pieces of domestic flat mail sent via USPS First Class service. For each piece of flat mail over 10 items, there is a $1 charge. Oversize, international, or expedited shipping or additional delivery services are subject to additional postage charges.


Auto-Forwarding Subscription

Your auto-forward subscription includes postage for up to 10 pieces of domestic flat mail sent USPS First Class for each mailing. If your package requires a different level of service due to weight, expedited delivery request, carrier, or international destination, additional postage will apply depending upon the number of items and package size. We always bundle mail and packages to minimize shipping fees. Priority Mail includes a tracking number. Sending mail First-Class via USPS does not include tracking.

For packages that do not meet the USPS criteria for flat mail or exceed ten pieces of flat mail, we will choose the most efficient carrier and method unless you specify a carrier.

Below are our standard charges for packages and parcels that do not fit within the USPS flat mail designation:

USPS Priority w/ Tracking               $19.90

USPS Parcels / Irregular Items        $10 + Postage

FedEx / UPS Expedited                    $15 + Postage


We bundle and package standard mail envelopes, letters, and magazines into one large flat envelope and ship to you. Rates below are based on weight up to 13 ounces. USPS postage fees increase based upon weight. Large mail items and packages are always bundled into a single large box to save on shipping fees.

See Detailed USPS Postage Fees

FedEx & UPS

By request, we can forward items via UPS or FedEx when preferred. See FedEx and UPS websites for postage and shipping rates.

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